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Our mission:

Our mission at the UFO MAN Network is to bring about disclosure through investigations and collaboration with other Ufologists and of course you, the people that are witnessing these unexplained phenomenon. Our channel is dedicated to reviewing data and sightings from all over the world of unexplained phenomenon including video and eyewitness accounts. Each week we post videos that were submitted to us by the public, or provided to us by other reliable sources. These videos are put through a process to either authenticate, or debunk each sighting whenever possible. We at the UFO MAN Network believe that the truth really is out there and that each of us possess a small piece to a very large puzzle. The more of of these small pieces that we can connect gets us that much closer to our ultimate goal of full and complete disclosure. We need your help! We have provided you with the means to submit a reported sighting to us on our report a sighting page. We have also provided you with a toll free number as another means of reporting your sighting/experience. Your personal info will be kept strictly confidential. We are professionals that want to hear from you.

The live Show:

Every Saturday evening at 9:00PM ET - 8:00PM CT we bring you a live show where we discuss everything UFO related from the past week. We bring you the latest news, theories, and interviews with some of the world's top Ufologists.  And don't forget about our weekly UFO video review! We also have a very active and plesant chat room and are very fortunate to have fantastic audience participation. Please come and join us for one of the most interesting and entertaining LIVE UFO shows on the internet, and make some new friends while you are here!  Not a believer yet? You will be..

Video of the Day
180 day UFO Report Special 6/01/2021
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