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Meet the Team:

Tim Dust/UFO MAN

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Tim Dust aka UFO MAN, is the founder of the YouTube Channel called: UFO MAN.  He is a US Army Veteran, Ufologist and Researcher.  He began His journey into the UFO Phenomenon as a small child after reading the book; "Chariots Of The Gods".


 In his early 20's he began having sightings of  lights moving erratically in the sky.  Later, in the early 1990's, he experienced missing time, physical trace evidence such as body marks, and a possible left ear implant.  His significant other at the time also experienced an alleged Alien Abduction, which inspired him to research the phenomenon further. In 2009, he and 11 other people had a close up sighting in broad daylight of 6 rectangular UFOS, 50 feet away and at a height of 500 feet. Tim has had several close up sightings in his lifetime. He has also personally photographed several UFOs, one of which was a black triangle above his vehicle.


Tim embarked on an in depth search to find out if anyone else was having these types of sightings/experiences, which is why he formed UFO MAN in 2014. Tim has dedicated his life to disclosure and the search for truth. 

Tommy Highway

Tommy Highway joined the UFO MAN team as show co-host in 2018. He is an American author, former government employee, network engineer, and a Ufologist. Tommy's quest for disclosure began at a very young age while living in the vacinity of Wright Patterson Airforce Base in Dayton Ohio, home of the rumored Hanger 18.


In the 1990's, Tommy had two encounters with exotic technology that changed his perception of reality and for him, answered the question as to whether or not we are alone in the universe.


Tommy Highway has detailed his UFO experiences in his book Strange Tales from the Highway available at 

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