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Roswell ufo museum

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Special thanks to the UFO Museum in Roswell NM. We did a recent field trip to the museum and had a wonderful experience. The staff really took good care of us. Whether you are a hard-core UFO enthusiast, or just simply curious about the subject, this place has it all. The museum houses a massive library with the texts of all of the greatest minds in Ufology. Wholesome entertainment for the entire family. Best of all, it's very inexpensive! Rosewell also has other UFO related attractions and of course plenty of gift shops that are sure to tantilize all the members of your party! See our recent Rosewell trip here.

Roswell Spacewalk

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One of the many neat attractions in Roswell NM is the Roswell Spacewalk. Located just off of main street, the Spacewalk offers an entertaining perspective on not only the Roswell crash itself, but also how the incident changed the very nature of the town. The attraction is very inexpensive and a wonderful way to enjoy another 20 minutes of Roswell. The Roswell Spacewalk also has an incredibly friendly staff and gift shop. This attraction is family friendly for all ages. 

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