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How to Report a Sighting:

Have you witnessed something unexplainable? Are you one of the millions of ordinary people worlwide that have experienced something that they simply cannot explain? First you must understand something, you are certainly not alone. You are not hallucinating or having a mental breakdown. These things are real and your sightings matter more to the big picture than you know. Whether you have 4K video of your encounter, or just a story, we are here to listen. We are a group of professional UFO investigators and we take our job very seriously. You no longer have to keep your secret. With governments finally admitting to, and providing video of unexplained craft, the subject is becoming much less taboo today than ever before. We are here to listen to you and help you make sense of your experience. Your personal info will always be held as confidential. Every single person that has had an experience, no matter the degree of the experience, posseses a small piece of a very large puzzle. When we come together and combine our individual pieces, we all gain a much better understanding of the big picture.

We have provided multiple ways of contacting us below with your sighting. Please leave a message and a team member will contact you shortly

Call Us @ 1-888-503-9979


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